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Activities & enrichment

Enhancing the learning experience 

We provide lots of opportunities for students to engage in learning activities and enrichment programmes. This helps them to find their passions and identify the skills they enjoy developing the most.  

Some aspects of our formal curriculum enable students to learn outside the classroom so that they can enhance their knowledge and gain new skills in different environments. These topics include things like swimming lessons, animal care, music production and plastering. 

Friday afternoons include scheduled enrichment time, where they can participate in activities that don’t fall within the standard curriculum.  

Students can take part in things like craft making, where they get the opportunity to be creative and truly express themselves.  

Alternatively, they can choose something more physical like trampolining and climbing, so they can get active and unwind after a busy week.  

We also offer a range of options during lunchtimes including sports, art and mindfulness activities, and quiet reading time.  

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